🎉 Introducing the new and improved mapping editor with a host of new utility functions.

From CSV to API in No Time

Ditch the downtime and reduce implementation costs with near-zero developer overhead. Free up your resources to build what matters.

More than 1 million migrated lines and counting!


Support CSV in all its flavours


Setup API destinations in seconds

Low code

Simplify integrations with our mapping editor

SFTP as a service

Cost effective and Easy SFTP setup

Data quarantining

Ring-fence bad data for easy reprocessing

Scalable migration

Import large CSV files

… a 120x increase in processing speed (from 2 hours to minutes) for big orders is truly astounding.

Hannes Bodenstein (Global Implementations at Stellr)

Developer friendly features

Explore SmartParse

  • Intuitive Error Handling

    SmartParse simplifies troubleshooting with its intuitive error handling. Quickly identify and resolve data issues, ensuring a smooth and reliable migration process.

    Intuitive Error Handling
  • API first

    SmartParse uses an 'API-first' approach, offering seamless system integration for efficient data processing. It's the flexibility you need to power complex migrations.

    API first
  • Map your data

    SmartParse's easy mapping simplifies data organisation, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Streamline complex data structures effortlessly.

    Map your data
  • Upload your CSV or connect via SFTP

    Upload CSVs or connect via SFTP smoothly with SmartParse. Our platform supports various formats, ensuring secure and efficient data transfer.

    Upload your CSV or connect via SFTP
  • Comprehensive Reporting

    SmartParse offers detailed analytics and real-time updates with its comprehensive reporting tools. Make informed decisions and optimise your data strategies.

    Comprehensive Reporting
Intuitive Error Handling
API first
Map your data
Upload your CSV or connect via SFTP
Comprehensive Reporting

Case studies

Success stories from our customers

Sales data consolidation

The customer used SmartParse to consolidate sales data from various systems into a centralized data lake.

Using SmartParse, quarterly reconciliation:

  • Improved error handling
  • concluded 31x faster
  • showed 50% cost savings

B2B bulk order processing

A customer switched to SmartParse for reliable B2B processing at scale.

Using SmartParse, the processing:

  • The total cost of ownership was 68x cheaper
  • Cost saving north of 48%
  • Improved uptime
  • Reduced key man dependencies

Recon and settlement

A customer switched to SmartParse to manage their business transactions' three-way recons.

Using SmartParse, the new solution:

  • Near zero developer overhead
  • Was fully automated
  • Saved SFTP server and related infrastructure costs
  • 43% reduction in maintenance costs

User import

A customer switched to SmartParse for user imports for their intranets.

Using SmartParse, the customer found the solution:

  • Almost fully automated
  • 120x quicker to build
  • 10x cheaper than outsourced alternatives

Stock management

A customer switched to SmartParse after a large stock import broke a production system.

Using SmartParse, the new solution:

  • Had no downtime from brittle legacy systems
  • Removed the developer bottleneck; Other business stakeholders could now manage the process.
  • Was up and running within one week
Highly scalable

Highly scalable

From a few rows to millions of lines, SmartParse can handle it all. Onboard as much data as your systems allow, or sync as much as your legacy applications can handle.


Built on secure cloud technologies, SmartParse delivers best in class scalability and performance with 99.98% uptime.

Customizable throughput

Customizable throughput

Rate limit your migration to align with your destination APIs requirements. Set your own fault tolerances and retry criteria.

Granular control

Job alerting and individual dashboards allow you to keep track of your workloads in real time. Handle errors at a line-by-line level so you can resolve them quickly and continue processing.

Granular control


Pricing based on utilisation with a generous free tier.

Superior Data Security with SmartParse

Utilising Top-Tier Encryption Protocols and Standards

SmartParse ensures the safety of your data with our SFTP as a Service for secure in-transit encryption, leveraging SSH protocol standards. At rest, your data is encrypted using industry-leading AES-256 standards, providing robust protection akin to that used by global financial institutions. Our key management practices are fortified by FIPS 140-2 validated hardware security modules, ensuring the utmost security for your encryption keys and maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your data at every stage.

Try it out now
  • Encryption in transit with SSL and SFTP
  • Encryption at rest with AES-256
  • FIPS 140-2 validated hardware security modules
  • Custom data retention policies (Coming soon)
  • Selective field masking (Coming soon)
  • Bring your own keys (Coming soon)

Calculate your Smart Parse needs

Estimate your monthly requirements and reference it to one of our packages below.

Files per month

Estimate number of files that will need to be processed in a month

Estimate lines per file

Estimate time for API to respond in milliseconds

Perform tasks simultaneously

Pricing Plans

Start building for free, and upgrade as you need. Our paid plans unlock additional features.


Up to 300 processing units available


  • Suitable for testing and small uploads
  • Browser uploads only
  • Data quarantining
  • Circuit breakers
  • Notifications
    Get Started


    Up to 8000 processing units available



    / month

    • Suitable for infrequent or small uploads
    • Data quarantining
    • Circuit breakers
    • Notifications
    • SFTP uploads/downloads
      Recommended option


      Up to 120 000 processing units available



      / month

      • Suitable for weekly uploads
      • Data quarantining
      • Circuit breakers
      • Notifications
      • SFTP uploads/downloads
      • Custom Throttling
        Get Started


        Up to 400 000 processing units available



        / month

        • Suitable for daily uploads and large files
        • Data quarantining
        • Circuit breakers
        • Notifications
        • SFTP uploads/downloads
        • Custom Throttling

          Need even more?

          Please contact us for our enterprise plans.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          • What is SmartParse, and how can it help my small business?

            SmartParse is a tool that simplifies data migration from any flat file to any API with minimal setup, offering a quick, low-code solution for integrating your data systems.

          • Do I need extensive coding knowledge to use SmartParse?

            SmartParse is designed to be low-code, making it accessible for users with minimal coding experience. The platform provides an intuitive mapping editor to simplify integrations.

          • Can SmartParse handle large volumes of data?

            SmartParse is highly scalable and can manage data migrations from a few rows to millions of lines, accommodating the data throughput your systems can handle.

          • Is data transferred via SmartParse secure?

            Absolutely. SmartParse is built on secure cloud technologies, SFTP as a service and industry-standard encryption, ensuring best-in-class scalability and performance with a focus on security.

          • What kind of files can I process with SmartParse?

            SmartParse supports CSV files in all the variations, allowing you to process a wide range of flat file data with flavours including comma, semicolon delimiters, quote or non-quote wrapped columns and more.

          • How quick is the setup process for API destinations with SmartParse?

            The setup for API destinations is designed to be completed in minutes (or seconds), providing a quick and efficient way to start your data migration process.

          • Does SmartParse offer SFTP integration?

            Yes, SmartParse includes integrated SFTP as a service, so there's no need to set up your own SFTP server for secure file transfers.

          • What kind of reporting does SmartParse offer?

            SmartParse provides job digest emails with import summaries and intuitive reports on the dashboard, allowing you to spot successes and errors at a glance, along with an extract of errored, successful or unprocessed lines.

          • How does SmartParse ensure the reliability of data migration?

            SmartParse offers customizable throughput, built-in fault detection, circuit breakers, and dynamic concurrency to prevent downstream flooding.

          • What are the pricing plans for SmartParse?

            SmartParse offers a range of pricing plans based on utilization, with various options suitable for everything from infrequent small uploads to daily large-volume processing.

          • Is there a free trial available for SmartParse?

            SmartParse's pricing structure includes a free trial for users to experience the service before committing to a paid plan.

          • Can SmartParse be used for one-time data migrations?

            Yes, SmartParse is suitable for both infrequent, one-time uploads and regular, ongoing data migrations.

          • What makes SmartParse suitable for solopreneurs and small businesses?

            SmartParse is cost-effective, easy to set up, and requires minimal coding, making it an ideal solution for solopreneurs and small businesses that need to migrate data efficiently without investing in complex infrastructure or extensive training.

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